How to Book

Lions Den Dog Field is opening on Friday 5th November. You can make your bookings now from our home page. 
We do not have flood lights, use at your own risk after daylight hours. 
The carpark takes four cars. If you are bringing more than two cars for your booking you must ensure that you have left by the end of your slot to allow others to park. 
Check that you have entered your mobile phone number on the booking page to ensure that you will receive the gate code. 
1. Select the 'book today' button on the homepage
2. Choose whether you would like to book a weekday or a weekend
3. Choose your date and time
4. Enter your details
5. Enter your payment information
You will receive email confirmation straight away. Around an hour before your chosen time slot you will receive a text containing a four digit code, which you can use to unlock the field.
Upon arrival use your code to unlock the gate. If you would like to, your can use the lock on the inside to make sure no one else can enter and the area is totally yours.
Remember to lock the gate again when you are done!