About Me

 I have been in the canine behaviour industry for 14 years. I have a BSc degree in ‘Applied Animal Behaviour and Training’, specialising in canine training. I have worked as a University Lecturer teaching about animal behaviour, and I currently work for a charity who train assistance dogs.

I keep up to date with modern and scientifically proven knowledge and have travelled as far as Chicago in America for my professional development, learning from the best in the world. Dogs are my specialism and I have trained a huge variety of breeds, types and ages. I have also been lucky enough to train other animals such as horses, whales, primates, tortoises and alpaca!

Leo the Border Terrier is responsible for my love of dogs. He ruled The Den for 14 years and taught me that life definitely is, better with a dog.

picture of Leo the dog


Izzy joined the pride in 2008 and has been my best friend ever since. Together we have conquered agility and flyball, and now she is enjoying a graceful retirement on the farm.

picture of Izzy the dog


I am passionate in providing the best experience for you and your pet at Lions Den Dog Field. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.