With Spring just around the corner (hopefully), it got me thinking about the seasons here at Lions Den Dog Field. I love that with a woodland area that is also surrounded by farmland, you and your dogs can take advantage of the ever-changing landscape. I know from experience that if you rely on using secure fields only, that variety on your walks is most welcome!

We opened during the autumn time as the last of the trees lost their leaves, creating a carpet of crunchy fun for our four-legged friends! We have seen some fantastic photographs of dogs in the leaves and having real fun sniffing and snooting around.

This winter we have already had some snow. I was so surprised how our customers embraced this and had great fun throwing snowballs and watching their dogs have zoomies in the white stuff! We ran a Christmas challenge with some of our festive decorations and had some brilliant snaps come in. I have visions of a bigger, better, more twinkly Christmas at the field next year! Don’t tell my husband but I have already been shopping for some really fun decs (shhh).

Alas, with winter comes mud. Dog owners are no strangers to the odd muddy paw print, but again I have been so pleasantly surprised by how you have all embraced this is part of the fun of the field. Going forward, we won’t face such a challenge with mud as our land is very well draining. The very dry September did not make for good grass seed growing conditions. Fear not, we will be rolling and reseeding some areas in the spring and thinking about a more robust pathway from the carpark to the woodland walk.

Spring is without doubt my favourite season. I look out of the window every day looking for those first green shoots and watch with joy as Mother Nature once again fills the air with birdsong and our woodland with colour. Not long to go now, I have already noticed some shoots coming up through the soil, have you? Spring also means Easter and it would be rude not to have a fun egg hunt around the field…wouldn’t it 😊

Heading into summer, the woodland walk will come into it’s own in providing much needed natural shade for your dog walks. We all know how dangerous heat stroke can be for dogs, so walking out of direct sunlight will give peace of mind during your bookings. We have fresh running water available for drinking and washing dogs and the sprinkler attachment may provide fun for dogs who like to play with water too! Note, it is not advised to completely drench dogs in water during very hot conditions as this can worsen the effects of heat stroke.

In the field surrounding the secure area you will notice barley growing which will eventually be harvested during late summer. To find out more about what the barley is used for scan the QR code next to the dog walk. 

As your visit us throughout the year take time to stop and look at nature changing around you. Throughout the next year you can expect to see wildflower planted and some brand-new dog activities. We will not sit still and leave the field as it was on the day of opening – we plan for it to continuously evolve and provide interest on walks for dogs and their humans. Luckily for us, the seasons do a lot of that for us!