Caring for our Environment

As a business, a farming family and individuals we are aware of the uncertain future our generation faces due global warming. We also have a keen interest in wildlife and do what we can to help the creatures living on our farm to prosper. Here are some of the things that we are doing to try to help, one step at a time.

Our home is heated by a biomass boiler, and we have a wind turbine to generate renewable energy (you can see this from the field). We try to eat local, in season foods and support our nearby farmers and producers where we can. We recently planted our own small orchard of fruit trees so that we can produce our own fruit too! We have large hedgerows in all of our fields to provide shelter for wildlife.

In the field itself, we upcycled and reused many of the materials that you see. Whilst preparing the woodland area we sadly had to fell one tree that had become diseased, but you will now be able to enjoy it repurposed as a beautiful bench crafted by my Dad. Leo’s Lair, your undercover seating area, was an old cattle trailer that nobody wanted.

Did you know that we donate a percentage of every single dog field booking to the removal of carbon?

We love to see birds in the trees and around the farm. We have barn owls that nest in a box we put in a nearby shed for them, and we often see Red Kites overhead. Bat boxes are dotted around the farm, and we sometimes see bats flying around at dusk. We are very lucky to have deer living nearby. They stay away from the dog field, but sometimes they graze near the house on an evening which is a beautiful sight. We care about all creatures, which is why when we found some poorly hedgehogs near the house the summer we took them to the local hedgehog recue centre to be rehabilitated and released.

We know how important insects are to our ecosystem too. In spring we will be sewing our wildflower mix called ‘The Bees Knees’ around the edges of the dog walking field. Not only will this be a fab opportunity for photos with your dogs, but it will be helpful for the bees too! I also have exciting plans for the future to build a bug hotel for the woodland area. You might notice that we have some fallow land along the driveway. Next year this will be planted with potatoes, but until then? You guessed it…wildflower too!